I have taught dozens of students over the years privately and at The Religious Academy, a small art studio I help manage in downtown Denver. I love helping them realize the gift they have and how they can share it with others.  

I teach various subjects both at my Studio and online by appointment. Rates vary depending on length and type of class. Feel free to contact me today.


If you are interested in donating to my Studio you can do so with Venmo currently. Feel free to click the donate link.

Weekly Free Art Classes:

Every Friday from 9-12 AM Mountain Daylight Time we offer a free Art Class for students of The Religious Academy and those that can not afford them.

This class goes over principles taught in Academies including Bargue Plates, Cast Drawing and Painting, and Figure Drawing and Painting and Drawing.  

You can login via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 956-745-0237

Meeting Password:  art

This class is made possible by the many residents of Lakewood Colorado that have contributed to our School.  Thank you for your support!

During the week we have an Instagram Chat Group where Artists can post work and get free feedback on their work.  If you're interested in being in this group contact instagram.com/thereligiousacademy


End of Semester Student Show

More info coming soon!

Special thanks to our Sponsors and the many people in Lakewood for donating to our School.

Brandy Cattoor

Children's Fund

Brandy Cattoor was an incredible Artist and dear friend of mine.  She passed away some time ago and at each of my shows I try to sell Artwork that has been donated to help her kids left behind.

Knights of The Religious Academy, the charitable wing of our School, manages the Artwork that has been donated.  100% of sales go to Brandy's Family.  We add new donations often and here are some of the highlights.