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Sketch of Sacred Grove

Several Artists are putting together a great show that is Juried for the 200th celebration of the Prophet Joseph Smith's "First Vision." I am entering this piece and will let you know if it makes it in. I am grateful for the gift that I have and the way I can use it to bring the sacred feeling of where this event took place.

The Sacred Grove is where this Miraculous Vision took place. I have been there once and could feel a special, unique, and holy feeling. In this painting I wanted to keep my edges really soft and focus on how the light moves around the subject to create a mood of serenity, something I learned in Ron Hick's class years ago and like to use when needed.

I know this event took place. At times in my life it is very hard to see the good in things, like everyone else, but my knowledge of this event and studying this event always bring me peace, even when I don't understand other parts of Joseph Smith's life or things that are going on in the Church he restored. It is a good gage for me to rely one.

I hope to do more of these in the future. Thank you and sorry to be a week behind.


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