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Realism Portrait Commission update

Blogging again! Here is a Realistic Portrait Commission underway I am working on for my friend that runs Happy Jack Spice,!

I absolutely LOVE the challenge of Classical Realism. To render a Portrait as realistically as possible with Oil Paint. Making something look realistic like all of my favorite Artists, WaterHouse, Tadema, Bougerou, Carl Bloch, and my favorite Heinrich Hoffman. It is really challenging me to work hard to get this kind of detail. I am putting in 50 hours a week now and will untill the Portraiture and Religious Art takes off.

I grew up in a very Classical Tradition in that my Father played the Bassoon for the Symphony. My Mother loves realistic Art and has such good taste. I have been SO blessed to have such supportive parents of my Artistic Career. I mention this because to really like Classical Realism and even more get really good at it takes a lot of time and hours developing your craft. I am lucky I have had parents that have attained this ideal and won't let me settle for anything less and this mentality has helped me get this far.

I LOVE seeing other contemporary Artists like Jacob Colins, Jeremy Lipking, and Michael Klein that are actaully doing Classical Realism and it helps me and all of us motivate to get to the level that those 19th Century Artists attained. It is SUCH a great time to be alive.

Watch for these Blog Posts every other week with more thoughts on how I did it

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