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More progress on Jurgen

A little further along on my hero Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC Manager. So I am not a fast Painter but I am getting faster. It just takes practice. I remember reading about entrance exams for The Brittish Royal Academy and how a huge part of them where how finished off something was. I couldn't have made it past them the way I was painting when I first started 20 years ago.

I remember studying with Quang Ho and he pointed out to me that the reason Richard Schmidt's paintings where so beautiful was because he could see so well. It really stuck with me. I'm a big believer that your eye is a Muscle, like William Whitaker once told me, and that it can get stronger and stronger. I see only so much when I first start painting and slowly, like climbing a Mountain, I begin to see more and more.

Anyone can attain more detail in their drawings and paintings and anyone can attain the patience it takes to get the detail in. It comes down to how much they enjoy doing it. Some Artists do absolutely incredible work like John Singer Sargent with minimal detail but initially they where trained to get the detail, than they can abbreviate it.

I love the challenge and will make some great progress on this painting. I try hard to get 7 hrs a day 5 days a week of painting from reference with breaks in between. I couldn't progress very much if I didn't.

Come on you Reds! Welcome Thiago and others!!! LIVERP DOUBLE O L LIVERPOOL FC

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