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Introducing Thursday Night Blogging!!

Exciting news Family, Fans, and Students!

I will be blogging on Thursdays with images of my Artwork. My aim is to show you my journey of becoming better and better at Classical Realism. Each week I will be posting Art I am working on from studies to finished pieces. I will be alternating between Drawing from Memory starting with Human Anatomy and Painting from Nature, initially Photos.

These studies are from my Sketchbook. I teach Drawing from Memory and spend the first part of my day studying Bridgeman's, VanderPol, and online courses to better understand the Human Figure. In my classes we start students with proportioned Cubes, teach them basic shapes that will equate to Forms, and than draw Bones, and Draw Muscles to help understand Formes. We than have the students skulpt the basic forms and move forward.

I give a Free Art Demonstration online every thursdays at 9 pm at our Schools handles: Alternating between and

This is this weeks:

It is such a fulfilling endeaver and very essential to become a Representational Painter. W

Proportioned cubes as it relates to Form


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