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Commission update

Passes passes and more passes. I am SO grateful to Scott Waddell for posting so many great videos on how to render images in a beautiful way. He went to the best school I know of, the Grand Central Attalier, and was a core teacher. He is SO generous with his knowledge and I am so grateful I have been able to glean information from him.

I am challenging myself to watch at least 20 minutes of his videos 5 days a week for a year and see how it helps my Realism and 3D skills and it's helping. I am learning how coming back over portraits again and again till its there is good, but pushing it as far as you possibly can the first pass makes a huge difference and than going back over it with subtle glazes really can make things pop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this approach and it's amazing what happens when you paint 9 hours a day trying to master this skill can do.

This Painting is of my dear friend Avie who runs, some incredible spices that I am now addicted to:) Please support this incredible business. And thank you SO much Avie for referring me to more Commisssions, I can't wait to Paint your Dad Tony with

I KNOW working hard and consistent will get you further than anything in visual art and in particular the HARDEST way to do Art, Classical Realism. Thanks Dr. Vern Swanson for clueing me in on how dedicated you have to be to make it in this thing and thank you for the Art Renewal Center,, for helping revive this incredible movement almost inexistant when I was in College.

Here's to another 2 weeks of great Painting!!

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